Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Asiancaregivers.ca and where are you located?
Asiancaregivers.ca is a Canadian-based company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada serving Care Seekers and Caregivers residing in Canada and the U.S.
2. I want to read Asiancaregivers in another language. How can I do this?
On the Home page, locate the language translation bar in the Search option section on the right side of the page. Change the default selection from English to the language of your choice.
3. I am an organization i.e. nursing care agency, nursing home, hospital, recruitment agency. Can I register my organization?
You can register as an institutional care seeker but not as a caregiver.  Asiancaregivers.ca is a site established to serve individuals seeking private care or organizations wishing to recruit caregivers. If you are a placement agency, you may not register as a caregiver.  You may however subscribe to an annual price plan and register as a care seeker to contact caregivers for the purpose of recruitment.  The ad feature is available for organizations seeking to recruit a caregiver on behalf of a specific client or client(s). We review registrations to ensure compliance with our Website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and reserve the right to remove registrations that are not in compliance.
4. What should I do if I forget my log in information?
Go to the Forgot your Password page and enter the email address you registered with. If the email address is registered in our system, you will receive your password by email. If you continue to have difficulties please email us at icare@asiancaregivers.ca.
5. How do I delete my profile?
To delete your profile, click on the Delete profile button in your account and your profile will be deleted. If you would like to remain a member but you aren’t currently looking for work, you can make your profile invisible or deactivate your profile. Making your profile invisible allows you to search the listings, but you won’t be seen on the family’s search results. Deactivating your profile(s) removes your ability to search for those types of jobs and removes your profile from the search results.
6. I have registered, why can’t I login?
Check that you are using the correct email address and password. If you have forgotten your password use the Forgot your password or login page.
7. What should I do if I try to register and I receive the error message “User already exists”?
This means that you your email address is already registered. You can access your account but you cannot create a new account with the same email address. To access your account, follow FAQ #2 on what to do if you forget your log in information.
8. I’m moving to a new city. How can I find job postings for my new location?
Update your profile with the address of your new location. If you do not yet have the exact address, select any postal code in the city and run a search that way. You can update your profile when you have a new address.
9. Why does nothing come up when I search for my city/postal or zip code?
This means that there isn’t anyone registered in that area right now or the profiles do not match your search settings. Revise your search criteria and search again.
10. How do I know I am logged in?
My Account and Logout buttons will be present on the top right hand of each web page.

Care Seeker

1. How do I register?
Click on the registration button on the top right hand corner of any Asiancaregivers.ca webpage and select Care Seekers. You will be taken to the Care Seeker registration page to create a user ID, password. You will be required to provide your name, address, and an active email address.
2. Why am I not able to access the Find a Care Giver Advanced Search Options?
In order to access Care Seeker Advanced Search Options, you must subscribe to a price plan. After logging in, click ‘My Profile’ or ‘My Subscription’. Click on ‘Subscribe’ and you will be redirected to the price option page where you can select a price plan that suits your needs.
3. What is the currency used for pricing options and does the price include sales tax?
Asiancaregivers.ca price options are reflected in Canadian Dollars. However, you may pay in any currency and any applicable exchange rate and conversion fees will be applied. Please note that price options do not include applicable sales tax, which will vary between regions. Applicable sales taxes will be separately computed and added to your final sales invoice.
4. Where can I find the free resources for Care Seekers?
Once you have subscribed to a price plan, you will be able to access the ~ FREE Helpful Resources for Care Seekers feature in your account options.


1. How do I register?
Click on the registration button on the top right hand corner of any Asiancaregivers.ca webpage and select Care Givers. You will be taken to the Care Giver registration page to create a user ID, password. You will be required to provide your name, address, and an active email address. Once registered, you will be able to access all Care Giver resources. New jobs are posted daily on your Care Giver page.
2. Why must I provide a photograph of myself when I register?
Providing a current photograph of yourself assures Care Seekers of your authenticity before meeting in person. A photograph is also a representation that you are an individual promoting your personal services and not an agency.
3. Is a background/police check required in order to register on Asiancaregivers.ca?
A background/police check is desirable but not criteria for registration. Some Care Seekers may require that you complete the background/police check before considering you for an interview.
4. Where can I find the free resources for Care Givers?
Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to access the~ FREE Helpful Resources for Caregivers feature in your account options.
5. How do I apply for positions listed on your website?
In order to apply to Care Seeker ads, you must register. Once registered, you will have access to the Care Seeker ads listed on your Care Giver page and the option to use advanced search criteria. Click on ‘Apply’ and a pop-up window will open that enables you to respond to the Care Seeker’s ad.
4. I am a Caregiver. Why can I not see email addresses when I respond to an ad?
For the protection of both Care Seekers and Care Givers, personal email addresses are not displayed to protect your identity and prevent unwanted or unauthorized contact with you. Once you have made initial contact with a Care Giver, you are free to exchange email addresses if you so choose.