Someone to walk and talk with

Someone to help stay well

Someone to help with personal care

Someone to cook traditional food

Someone to assist with chores

Someone to just be there!

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When We Need Someone to Care

Asian Caregivers, a values-focused organization inspired by traditional Asian values respects an elder's choice to live in their preferred home.  When home changes from one's personal residence to a retirement or nursing home, the need to feel safe and cared for is greater than ever.

Care at Home

Whether short or long-term, with the right home supports tailored to your needs, you or your loved one can remain independent and continue living safely in a physical, social and emotional environment that holds precious memories, most familiar, and where family, neighbours and friends are near. 

Care in Hospital, Retirement, and Nursing Home

Personalizing the institutional experience with a private nurse or private personal support worker can bring peace of mind knowing that someone who cares is nearby to reduce institutional risks associated with insufficient staff and environmental hazards that predispose a person to falls, infections, pressure sores and depression.

My-CARE(C) is a concept created by Asiancaregivers for everyone:

My home wherever will be the place for

Culture-sensitive care where I stay

Active and feel

Respected and am


Asiancaregivers.ca - a national on-line registry where you can find culture-sensitive care for yourself, a loved one or clients you serve.  Search the registry for private home support workers who speak your preferred language and are sensitive to your cultural needs or for culture-sensitive qualified nurses and personal support workers who can help your organization grow.  The registry is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the convenience of your own home or office.

Imagine a registry of affordable community-minded caregivers with skills and interest in forming meaningful relationships with elderly in their preferred home.  

Imagine a virtual meeting place where you can find culture-sensitive care workers who offer specific home care and home support services to empower you to live with dignity in the comfort of your own or preferred home.         

The Inspiration

Everyone is aging.  No one is immune.  Its only a matter of time, whether we are the family caregiver seeking care for a loved one or the one who needs care.

Asian Caregivers has identified the top 3 barriers encountered by those on their journey to find a private caregiver to be affordability, language, and cultural sensitivity.  For family caregivers, these are the greatest challenges facing them in their responsiblity of caring for a loved one such as a parent, who has chosen to live at home.  Often the preferred home is the family home where the parent has fond memories of the family or the parent is now living in the home of their adult children. The journey is not easy and if the family caregiver chooses to place their loved one in a retirement or nursing home, the physical demand is lessened but the psychological worry never disappears.  Pat, the President of Asian Caregivers has been on that journey and is happy to share that her 90 year old Mother continues to live in the family home with the assistance of a caregiver who speaks her language, assists her with daily personal care, daily exercise and walks, and cooks for her the food she likes.    

Our Services

The asiancaregivers.ca registry is a national home care on-line registry established to assist care seeking individuals, family caregivers, and member organizations find affordable, culture-sensitive home centered care for seniors who prefer to speak in their preferred language. Member organizations include culture-sensitive hospitals, retirement  homes, nursing homes or home care agencies who share our vision of creating caregiver communities of affordable, culture-sensitive caregivers to support everyone as they age. 

Caregivers who promote their services on our site are job seekers who share our vision of culture-sensitive care and looking for employment in nursing, personal support work, providing companionship to seniors, cooking and meal preparation, housekeeping, and other home help services.  

Asiancaregivers.ca does not interview, screen, or perform background checks on either the careseekers or caregivers that appear on the site.  For more information please refer to Asiancaregivers' Terms of Use.